Can you really get a quickie divorce in Nevada?

Here in Nevada, we have a reputation for quickie divorces. Can you really get a quickie divorce in Nevada? Well, anyone who’s gone through one recently will tell you they’re not so quick after all. 

The idea that you can get a quickie divorce in Nevada dates back to the early 20th century when it was difficult to obtain a divorce in most states. At that time, divorce required one party to allege and prove that the other party was at fault for the failure of the marriage in order to have grounds to divorce. In many states, grounds for divorce were extremely limited and difficult to prove. Nevada had broader grounds for divorce than most states. In 1931, the Nevada Legislature adopted a law allowing for the filing of divorce after just six weeks of residency in Nevada. People from all over the country – mostly women- would come to Nevada to establish residency in the state. This allowed them to file for and obtain a divorce here relatively quickly. 

This lasted only sixty years or so as “no fault” divorce laws were eventually adopted across the country. Today, all fifty states allow “no fault” divorces. 

Some states require a period of separation prior to filing for divorce – or a waiting period for entry of the Decree of Divorce. So there is the occasional instance of a party seeking to relocate to Nevada to file for divorce here, but it’s pretty rare and only effective if both parties are in agreement. Unfortunately, contested divorces aren’t any quicker in Nevada than they are in other states. 

Listen to Reno’s premier historian Alicia Barber take a look back at Reno’s quickie divorce history here. Or read more about Reno’s fascinating divorce history here.


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