Gloria Petroni featured in Opportunity Nevada

Gloria Petroni contributed to Opportunity Nevada and discussed important items to keep in mind when relocating to Nevada. Items including estate planning, divorce and residency can distractedly change when moving to Nevada.

“The United States is experiencing increasing mobility from state to state, and it is no secret that many are choosing to call Nevada home. Specifically, Nevada’s business-friendly environment has attracted those who own a business. With that comes a need to consider some nuances specific to Nevada that may not have been present elsewhere. Nevada can be a very advantageous place to live and do business. Favorable tax structures, business-friendly practices and quality of life factors make the state attractive to many. Those relocating can and should take appropriate steps to ensure they are able to enjoy the full benefits of being an official Nevada resident.”

Read “Things To Know If You Are Relocating To Nevada” by Gloria Petroni.



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