A paternity suit is a legal action taken to determine the legal father of a child, including legal and financial responsibility. If paternity is determined by law, then a child will be able to inherit through that parent. This type of legal suit can also be used to establish child support or visitation rights. A mother, child, or potential father can file a paternity suit, and each of these individuals has the potential to gain something by determining paternity. Government agencies may also file paternity suits in the case of adoption disputes.

In the state of Nevada, paternity grants fathers the right to visit and have a relationship with their child, and it grants mothers the right to seek financial aid. If a child is born within a marriage, or within 10 months of a mother’s divorce or the death of the father, then that child is presumed to be the offspring of that father. If a child is born outside of a marriage, acknowledgment from the father or a court order can be used to determine paternity.


DNA tests and/or certain sets of factors may be used to establish paternity. When a father is determined, the court will collaborate with the involved parties to decide the financial responsibility for and custody of the child. Responsibility for a child’s finances may include all prior costs dating back to the child’s birth. When you establish a child’s paternity, you give the child a sense of belonging. In Nevada, there is no fee for establishing paternity.

Concerning areas of child custody and child support, paternity law can be complicated. You will receive competent advice and dedication from Reno paternity attorney Gloria Petroni. Determining paternity can be an emotional process, with or without a dispute over custody. Allow Petroni Law Group to guide you through the sensitive details, from visitation to child support, so that you can achieve the right outcome for your family.

Other uses for paternity suits include establishing child support judicially or determining a plan for parenting. These matters are the same as what a couple needs to decide when legally separating when children are involved. Another function of a paternity suit is to override an administrative action regarding child support. In an administrative action, a parent with custody can request child support from a parent without custody or visitation rights, so that they are responsible for child support, but have no other legal liabilities. The parent without custody may pursue a civil action to determine paternity in order to request rights to custody and visitation. In such cases, the court combines the administrative and civil actions so it can decide all matters simultaneously.

Attorney Gloria Petroni can assist you with any questions you might have about determining paternity. Whether seeking DNA testing or handling any complications related to the outcome, Ms. Petroni is devoted to the needs of her clients. She will endeavor to protect your rights as a parent and determine legal paternity when it is viable.


Reno paternity attorney Gloria Petroni is careful to protect any child involved from undue stress throughout the duration of the paternity suit. When you pursue a paternity suit in Nevada, the Petroni Law Group will assure that you are doing everything in your power by providing you with honest and ethical legal advice. Our lengthy background in matters related to child custody means that we deliver our clients with expert guidance and support. Contact our office today for a legal consultation.

At Petroni Law Group, our goal is to provide each and every client with an unobstructed view of all aspects of a case by aiding in informed decision-making and clear understanding of possible outcomes.

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