How We Are Different

Family Law Cases

  1. Highly Skilled in Multiple Areas.
    Gloria Petroni has a diverse skill set in real estate, business, wills and trusts, stock options, retirement plans, alimony, child support issues so that additional fees with experts in those areas are generally not necessary save and except for third party experts for performing business valuations and experts for who draft Orders that split retirement accounts in a way that does not cause taxation at the time of the division of the plan after divorce. Having this varied and deep skill set allows her to provide more options to you for settlement. It also means that she knows how to simply explain your options and help guide you to a complete settlement agreement.

  2. Straight Advice.
    Gloria Petroni gives you advice based upon over thirty years of experience and advises what she thinks a judge would do in your case. If there is no chance that you can prevail on an issue, Gloria will tell you. If you have a change of prevailing on an issue, Gloria will tell you what work will be involved to get the best and most convincing evidence together to present to the Judge.

    Gloria will not give you advice to pursue an issue that you have no chance of winning and that costs excessive amounts to pursue.

  3. Fast Turn Around Once Agreement is Reached.
    Once you and your spouse have reached an agreement between yourselves, whether through counsel or not, my office can produce final documents within four to five business days if we have all The details of the agreement. Other law firms do not make this commitment.

  4. Options.
    Gloria Petroni can guide you through the legal system in a contested divorce or Gloria Petroni can represent you in mediation with a Mediator. Mediation works best with fully informed clients and lawyers that can make a persuasive and rationale argument for the issues that are important to you so that the mediator endorses your position. Gloria M. Petroni can mediate the case for you and your spouse if you so desire.

    Gloria Petroni is certified as Collaborative Divorce professional as well, if you and your spouse wish to pursue this out of court settlement process. See Northern Nevada Collaborative Divorce website at for more details.

  5. Lawyer for Life.
    Gloria Petroni wants to be your Lawyer for Life so that after your divorce you can turn to her for Estate Planning and can call her for referrals on other legal matters, including non legal matters if you are confused and don’t know where to turn for information on an issue.

At Petroni Law Group, our goal is to provide each and every client with an unobstructed view of all aspects of a case by aiding in informed decision-making and clear understanding of possible outcomes.

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