Planning for Your Children

Protecting you children’s future is an important step for any parent. These steps don’t have to be complicated, and Petroni Law is here to help you along the way. We understand the need for an effective and individualized estate plan. Ms. Petroni has vast experiences with wills, trusts, life insurance plans, and creating living documents. Petroni Law ensures that with proper planning documents that your minor children will not be placed in protective custody by governmental entities upon you or your spouse’s death if you are both absent at the time of you or your spouse’s death.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Beginning your estate planning is a step that most people dread and postpone.

Estate planning can take shape in many forms depending on the client’s situation, and above all, their desired outcome. Petroni Law Group is equipped to assist clients with estate planning that is anything but one size fits all. Our goal is to provide you with an unobstructed view for you, your family and your business. Our Family Wealth Planning session is a two-hour working meeting where we discuss, educate and create the framework of an estate plan the best fits your family’s needs.

Estate Planning also involves life planning for example in blended families, the determination of how assets will pass on death will also address insecurities and demands present in blended families. Incapacity of a person, especially in light of extended life spans, are addressed so those who will be charged with decision making are identified, the decision of whether gifts can be made is determined and defines and records desires in the event of a catastrophic health event.

Our estate planning process is designed to deliver a memorable experience to you. You will organize your asset list and then in the Family Wealth Planning Session, you will address the needs of each of your loved ones and be guided to the decision that best suits your values and their individual needs. The process will protect your loved ones and keep them out of court.

The complete process of you completing your asset list and the execution of the documents and receipt of your estate planning documents takes about eight weeks.

Our two-hour Family Wealth Planning session includes:

Estate Planning Education

Regardless of size, amount or value, everything you own is a part of your estate.
Estate planning is the process by which an individual or family arranges the transfer of assets in anticipation of death. An estate plan aims to preserve the maximum amount of wealth possible for the intended beneficiaries and flexibility for the individual prior to death.

Information Organization

Secondly, we assist you with organizing all of your financial information, so we are able to see a master list of every asset to include in your estate plan. Your estate is comprised of everything you own — your home, other real estate property, your car, checking, savings, investment and retirement accounts and all other personal possessions as well as digital assets. Everyone needs to plan their estate. If a personal plan isn’t created, the state of Nevada will have a default plan, but it is probably not the plan you or your family want. There are an array of scenarios that can allow the court to have control of your assets.

Correct Decision Making

We understand estate planning can be a daunting task, but we are here to help. Through our two-hour work session, we are able to educate you and your family about what estate planning entails, the important financial information that is needed, what items to include and what aspects need to be included to remain valid in the state of Nevada.

Ms. Petroni’s experience with estate planning, real estate, trusts, and business entities in Northern Nevada allows her to represent clients knowledgably and effectively without the necessity of research or outside advisors. If you do have a trusted advisor, she will confer and work with your trusted advisor. This saves clients time and money. In the event an outside advisor is necessary, she has the most experienced advisors available for referral and the resources to help clients achieve their goals.

Three Levels of Estate Plans

We have three different planning levels to meet your needs and you get to choose which level best serves you and your loved ones.

Once you choose your planning level, we help you design a plan that will provide for your family in the event of your disability to death.

After you have chosen your plan with specific details, you will return to sign the documents about one month later. Now your loved ones and your assets will be protected in the event of your incapacity or death.

We create an electronic record of your documents that you can easily access, and we schedule our next meeting with you.

The Final Meeting

At the final meeting we help you:

  1. Your assets are owned in the right way so that they are coordinated as part of your estate plan
  2. That the people you have named to act to take care of you and your assets, and your children know what to do if something happens
  3. Capture your values, stories and experiences on an audio recording that will be cherished by your loved ones
  4. Review everything put in place for you and your family.

Your Personal Family Lawyer for Life

At least every three years we review your plan and make sure it stays up to date.

If you choose to join our Family Wealth VIP Club Membership Program, we will meet together annually for a comprehensive plan review and update.

If you’re ready to proceed, please schedule your Family Wealth Planning Session.

At Petroni Law Group, our goal is to provide each and every client with an unobstructed view of all aspects of a case by aiding in informed decision-making and clear understanding of possible outcomes.

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