Child Custody Part 2

Child Custody can sometimes be the most important piece of a divorce. After the initial agreement is create, there may be modifications to a current agreement. Learn how to request a modification in a current child custody or child support agreement and why this process can be slow, difficult and expensive. This is the second part of a two-part series on Child Custody and Child Support.

Show Notes

  • Child Custody and Child support agreements can be modified; however, the process may be a slow, difficult and expensive. There are certain circumstances that allow an agreement to modified. Circumstances include:
    • One of the parent’s incomes has changed by at least 20 percent.
    • It has been at least three years since the last child support order.
    • There has been a change in custody.
    • There has been a change in the number of dependents.
    • There is a reason to deviate from Nevada’s standard child support formula, such as:
      • Your child has special needs such as extraordinary medical expenses, school related expenses or other expenses.
      • You provide health insurance for your minor children and it is not being factored into your child support payments.
      • You are the parent providing transportation for all visits, and this is not being factored into your child support payments.
    • If one of these circumstances has not occurred, you may not be able to file for a child support modification.

In a court modification, one parent files a motion with the court. Afterwards, they must serve the other parent with a full copy of the papers within 3 calendar days and document the delivery

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