How We Are Different

Estate planning is not for the rich, elderly or famous. The benefits of estate planning are independent of wealth, age or status. Estate planning should be taken into account by everyone, and Petroni Law Group understands the importance of taking care of your loved ones and takes a personal approach to assisting clients.

Petroni Law Group makes an effort to stand apart. Whether we are assisting a client in estate planning or a family law or probate matter, we make a point to stand by each clients’ side each step of the way. We build a relationship with our client based on trust and respect, which is necessary to obtain the best result for the client in any situation.

We recognize that each situation is unique and we understand the importance of listening and getting to know each complex situation. Petroni Law Group has experienced the benefits of ensuring that each client is heard and understood and views it as a necessary part of each client relationship.

We feel that our client’s satisfaction is directly tied to their ability to make informed and empowered decisions. We feel that it is our job to explain and educate our clients to assist them in making the best choices possible in their case.

The Petroni Law Group team prides itself on our ability to have efficient communication with our clients not only during the engagement or transaction but afterward as well. We understand that life continues to evolve and we want to be your partner in making sure your estate plan, and any other legal matters, evolve with you, to ensure that you and your loved ones are always protected.

At Petroni Law Group, our goal is to provide each and every client with an unobstructed view of all aspects of a case by aiding in informed decision-making and clear understanding of possible outcomes.

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