Why Hire Us – Client Bill of Rights


We run our law office like a family business. Our staff is professional yet supportive and friendly. We receive high marks in customer satisfaction, transparency, responding to questions quickly and in terms you can understand. We have systems in place to deliver information to you quickly and inexpensively, and to plan your case strategy. Yes, it’s a tough journey, but you are protected by your lawyer who will sit side by side with you. You will not be alone and you will not feel ignored.

We actively respond to ensure we understand your issue and provide ways for you to manage the issue. We don’t just listen on the phone while typing emails to other clients. We try to explain the legal thinking underlying your issue, and why we have advised you the way we did. Our legal assistants have open access to Gloria M. Petroni to get your questions answered quickly. If she is unavailable, a time will be scheduled for a phone call with Gloria M. Petroni. We guarantee a returned phone call within twenty four business hours.


You are provided information as to the law applicable to your case. You see and approve documents prior to their being filed. You get copies of every document related to your case by email, fax or mail. You will receive itemized, detailed bills regarding the legal work performed by us monthly.


We are experienced and have deep skill sets in multiple areas of the law such as real estate, business, trusts, estates, judgments, and bankruptcy. We are focused on giving value to our clients at a reasonable cost. We have the state of the art technology in a near paperless office, which results in efficiency and lower costs to you. We don’t take any legal steps just to make money. Each legal step is either necessary or recommended to benefit you.

Strategic Results

We discuss goals and the means to affect your goals, and execute towards your goals. We do not give you unreasonable expectations. The proof is in our firm’s results, and our clients’ high level of satisfaction.


Our firm is not only respected for its integrity, and hard work, but also for the firm’s excellence in negotiations and a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. We know when to negotiate, when to mediate, and when to litigate.


We understand how difficult the process is that you are going through, and we are here to help you through. We can patiently listen to make sure we understand your questions and issues, and then provide you with an analysis of the law related to your question or case, and give your our best advice. Even with over thirty years of experience, we have passion and energy in getting the best result for you.


Not only is our firm prepared to meet deadlines, but you will be prepared for any negotiations or court testimony, if necessary. In negotiations, mediation, settlement conferences or court appearances, you will be proud of your decision to be represented by our firm. We get the job done honestly and thoroughly. We ask you the tough questions before the other side does. You will be briefed on what to expect, and what you need to know. The knowledge you will have will empower you and calm you in a time of high emotion.


Gloria M. Petroni is a State of Nevada Certified Family Law Specialist certified by the Nevada State Bar. As such, she is aware of possibilities to create the desired result through a thorough understanding of the underlying nature of each of your assets and liabilities, including business interests and your separate property interests. We are at the top of the famly law field with Gloria Petroni being a family law specialist. She is able to provide more potential solutions to your case with her high level of expertise, skill set in many areas, and over thirty years of experience.

Loyalty & Confidentiality

Our firm is always informing you of options in your case, and what the cost of each is, and an independent analysis of each option and if it is best for you, and not our firm. You know our firm is on your side. Anything that you speak to us about will be held in the strictest confidence, unless you direct us to make a disclosure. This right continues after your matter is concluded in perpetuity.

No Surprises

With our firm’s experience of over thirty years in family law, you will not get a result that was an unexpected loss for you. Even if it is not what you want to hear, you hear the truth about how a judge will rule on your legal issues. Our office will not leady you down a path with unrealistic expectations and goals. We will seal your family law file at the courthouse to provide the maximum amount of privacy to you in your case.