Mistakes Made When Representing Yourself in a Family Law Action

Many times there are major mistakes in completing the paperwork. The biggest mistake is in trying to understand certain legal concepts and to write up the paperwork so that it is clear, and enforceable, and that you are getting an equitable division of the assets and liabilities, and that custody and visitation is what is best for your child.

If there are children involved, even more issues arise with the separation of the parties. These are the times when you want a skilled professional to help you. There are many parties who cannot skillfully negotiate for themselves with the other party. They make serious mistakes when they give in. Many people get “bullied” or “guilted” into a settlement that is not in their best interests or the best interests of their children.

Our firm is highly experienced in knowing how to strategically work towards your goals.  Many of our clients feel they had a definite advantage with Gloria M. Petroni as their lawyer.  She is skilled at negotiation, mediation, and litigation, and knows when best to use each skill.   We have a staff of highly trained and friendly legal assistants. As our client, you will get to know each person in the office and they will know you. We will work together towards the best result for you.

So, while it is possible for you to represent yourself in a divorce or other Family Law matter in Reno, it may ultimately be in your best interest to allow a trained professional to give you sound advice and guidance. There are just too many times during a case where familiarity with the rules, law, and courtroom procedures will cause one party to prevail. If you or someone you know is, or will be, going through a divorce, please call us. We can work with you on creative payment plans to get you the representation you deserve. This is too tough to go through alone, and too important to make mistakes. Do it right the first time.