About Petroni Law Group

Family Law and Estate Planning Attorney in Reno, Nevada

Petroni Law Group has more than 30 years of experience in Reno divorce law, estate planning, probate, business and real estate matters. This experience allows Petroni Law Group to process your case thoughtfully and efficiently with an unobstructed view of all aspects of the case. The firm offers paralegals to prepare pleadings and other documents in order to provide you the best possible representation and keep your financial burden as low as possible.

A seasoned lawyer, Gloria M. Petroni understands the tremendous pain life’s challenges may bring. Whether it is a divorce, custody issue or passing of a family member, her job is to provide outside perspective and guidance on your behalf.

Family law has become more complex as have families. Every situation is unique and having an experienced lawyer is more important than ever. The more complex the family or amount of holdings, the more complicated the case. Whether a situation involves multiple marriages, children or stepchildren, ownership in real estate or a business, or getting divorced later in life, our firm is versed in the latest laws and able to advise clients on the best possible course of action.

If a business is involved in a family matter, Gloria M. Petroni has the experience, perspective and understanding of the possible impacts on your business. If either or both parties have ownership in a business, the well being of the company may very well depend on the groundwork in place and having a lawyer who understands how to protect assets and create viable solutions.

Her experience with real estate, trusts, business entities and taxation in northern Nevada allows her to represent clients knowledgably and effectively without the necessity of research or outside advisors. This can save clients time and money. In the event an outside advisor is necessary, she has the most experienced advisors available for referral and the resources to help clients achieve their goals. .

What Makes Petroni Law Group Special:

  • We keep in regular contact with our clients.
  • We keep our clients well informed of the status of their case at all times.
  • Our firm performs any legal research necessary on a case.
  • Gloria M. Petroni’s skill set in many areas allows for greater ability to see potential solutions for settlement.
  • Our firm gathers all necessary documents and records on any given case.
  • We put together a team of professionals to move your case forward.
  • We will try to settle our cases without going to trial.
  • We keep our clients informed of any and all settlement offers that arise, when they arise.
  • Our clients are the only ones who decide their settlement.
  • Our firm conducts depositions of key parties and witnesses when necessary.
  • We make it a point to be by our clients’ sides through all hearings and the final trial if it gets to that point.
  • We consult with you and make sure you are well prepared for any hearing or settlement meeting.
  • We build a relationship with our clients based upon trust and respect which is necessary to obtain the best result for the client going through this very tough journey.