Reno Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Uncontested divorce is the most common type of divorce since it is simple and inexpensive and allows your marriage to end quietly and with dignity. While no divorce is truly “uncontested” in the sense that there are no disagreements, these disputes do not always have to be resolved in court. An uncontested divorce is one where the spouses can reach a decision as to all the terms of the divorce without going to trial. A Reno uncontested divorce lawyer can determine if an uncontested divorce can be attained in your case, and how best to get to that result.

If your marriage is over and you have a cooperative relationship with your spouse, you may think it unnecessary to hire legal counsel to finalize your divorce. The laws, however, are more complex than you might imagine. Even though you may be able to agree on all or most issues, you want an experienced Reno uncontested divorce lawyer to review the terms of any agreement and make sure the legal wording supports the results you expect.

Nevada has specific divorce laws. To file for a divorce in Nevada, one of the spouses must have been a resident of the state at least six weeks before the filing. In Nevada, a divorce may be filed in the county where: a) either spouse resides, b) where the spouses last lived together, c) where the cause of the divorce happened, or d) where the plaintiff lived six weeks prior to the filing.

In Nevada, grounds for divorce are No-Fault, which means 1) incompatibility, or 2) living separate and apart without cohabitation for a year, and general, which means insanity that existed for at least two years before the filing. When both spouses agree to the uncontested divorce and are willing to sign the uncontested Nevada divorce papers, it typically only takes 2-3 weeks from the point of filing at the courthouse for the divorce to be complete.

Reno uncontested divorce lawyer Gloria Petroni works with people at any stage of an uncontested divorce, whether you are only considering filing for a divorce or you want to finalize matters. We handle all issues related to or arising out of an uncontested divorce, including:

The cost of divorce in Nevada does not have to be expensive. In an uncontested divorce, the parties have agreed in advance how to divide marital property, allocate debts, arrange for custody of minor children, and set child and spousal support. Reno divorce attorney Gloria Petroni will listen to your concerns, outline a recommended course of action, and answer your questions so that you feel comfortable and understand the divorce process.

Is an uncontested divorce right for you?

An uncontested divorce costs less, takes less time, and sounds ideal. It may be right for some, but in some cases it is not. It could be perfect if you and your spouse are able to agree on most issues or can agree to cooperate to resolve issues, and/or want to maintain an amicable relationship for your family’s sake.

An uncontested divorce is not a good idea when both spouses are not equal. Some spouses attempt to bully the other into an agreement that does not serve the best interests of the other spouse or the children.  A contested divorce doesn’t automatically mean one spouse is angry with the other. It can simply mean a spouse is working to ensure they get everything to which they are fairly entitled. Other times spouses who initially agreed on details like child support, division of marital property, child custody and more, suddenly find they are no longer in agreement. In these types of cases, Reno uncontested divorce lawyer Gloria Petroni and her team can help sort out the best way to proceed, which may mean filing the divorce as a contested action, and then using the court for assistance as to issues which are in dispute.  The court has numerous settlement vehicles available to help the parties avoid the necessity of a court hearing with witnesses and evidence.  Let us help you get what you need.  We know how to best get you the solutions that are best for you while avoiding the costs of court litigation.   Whatever your circumstances, Gloria Petroni will help you conclude your divorce giving you every advantage possible because of her experience in negotiations and solutions.  Call Gloria Petroni for a consultation today.