Reno Paternity Attorney

A paternity suit is a legal action taken to determine the legal father of the child. A Reno paternity attorney can establish legal and financial responsibility of the child, and a child is able to inherit through a parent who is legally determined to be such through the law. A paternity suit can be used to establish visitation rights or to seek child support. A paternity suit can be filed by the mother, potential father, or child and all may have an interest in establishing paternity. In the case of contentious adoptions, government agencies may file paternity suits.

In Nevada, the establishment of paternity is what gives mothers the right to seek financial support and fathers the right to visit and maintain a relationship with their child. A child born during a marriage (or within 10 months of the mother’s divorce or the death of the mother’s husband) is presumed to be the child of that husband. If the mother was not married at the time of conception or birth, paternity can be established by an acknowledgment or by a court order.

Establishing Paternity

The paternity is established through certain sets of factors and/or DNA tests. If the man is established as the father, the court will work with the parties to establish custody and financial responsibility. Financial responsibility can date back to the child’s birth date and can include costs of the birth, etc. Establishing paternity helps establish your child’s sense of belonging. There is no fee for establishing paternity in Nevada.

Paternity law can become extremely complex, particularly when child custody and child support are primary issues at this emotional time. Reno paternity attorney Gloria Petroni offers years of experience and a strict dedication to each client. Paternity issues involving children are typically very sensitive, even when there isn’t a custody dispute. From child support arrangements to child visitation agreements, there are a number of matters that need to be taken into consideration. Petroni Law Group can help you work through these issues to the best possible outcome for your children.

Paternity actions can also be used to judicially determine child support and establish a parenting plan, just as married parents do upon dissolution of marriage. There may also be the use of a paternity action to override an administrative action for child support. When a custodial parent seeks to set up child support, a non-custodial parent will be liable for child support without the establishment of any parental rights or a parenting plan. A non-custodial parent may bring a civil action for petition to establish paternity along with a request for custody, visitation, and support. Upon doing so, the court will usually consolidate the administrative action into the civil action, making it so the issues can all be determined by the Court.

If you have questions about establishing paternity, turn to Attorney Gloria Petroni. Ms. Petroni is committed to helping clients deal with establishing parentage, seeking DNA testing and dealing with all of the issues that may arise after the results of the test are revealed. We work hard to see that the rights of either parent are protected and that paternity is legally established whenever possible.

Consult with a Reno Paternity Attorney

Reno paternity attorney, Gloria Petroni takes special care to ensure that the child is exposed to the least emotional and physical trauma until the Nevada paternity action lawsuit comes to a conclusion. By giving you ethical and honest legal advice and support, we ensure that you have the law firmly by your side when you are fighting paternity action in Reno and throughout Nevada. Our experience with visitation rights and child custody action allows us to give you the right legal guidance pertaining to these matters as well. Contact our office today for a legal consultation.