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During Thanksgiving a couple years ago, Gloria Petroni’s family was having a get-together at Lake Tahoe. Two individuals were unable to attend the gathering, but with the help of the BEAM robot, commandeered by the absent party through his or her computer, both individuals were able to be seen by everyone at the gathering, and they could not only see… READ MORE

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Child custody involves the decision of who is primarily responsible for a child after a divorce and can be extremely messy if divorcing spouses are not on the same page. Below is an excerpt from The Nevada Divorce Guide, a book written by Gloria Petroni, an expert Reno divorce lawyer. Here, she analyzes various child custody issues and reveals how… READ MORE

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Keeping up with all of the fine details in a divorce can be challenging and sometimes feel impossible. However, keeping a divorce journal of your daily activities that lead up to a court hearing can ease some of that stress.  Below is an excerpt from The Nevada Divorce Guide that explains in detail what your should be logging daily in… READ MORE

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While you may be considering divorce in Nevada, you’re also likely to be wondering whether your marriage can be saved. If you find yourself dwelling on that question often—or if you’d simply like to settle your affairs more smoothly—it may be wise to consider marriage counseling first. Below is a  marriage counseling checklist that you can use to determine if counseling… READ MORE