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When a couple dissolves their marriage, they have a lot of assets to split between them. One of these assets is debt. Because Nevada is a “community property” state, it’s likely that any debts you and your spouse have — loans, credit card debt, and other bills — will be split 50-50. Although a divorce will not impact your credit… READ MORE

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In a divorce, the court attempts to divide property fairly between the separating spouses. In order to do so, the property must first be valuated. The value of the property is its market value minus any financial encumbrances. Ideally, all property will be given a determined value, and any property that is not valuated may be assigned a value of… READ MORE

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Social media is widely used in all types of family law cases, and can be highly persuasive in a courtroom. The majority of U.S. adults are active on some type of social network[1], so this impacts nearly everyone. Anything you have published on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, a personal blog, etc., may become  evidence in a divorce… READ MORE

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If you and your partner are having trouble resolving conflicts about legally separating or divorcing and niether of you want to drag out the entire matter in an expensive and time-consuming court case, you may want to consider collaborative divorce.   A collaborative divorce is a positive option for couples who may not be able to negotiate all of the… READ MORE

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Divorce proves to be a challenging and difficult experience for everyone involved. Many people are turning to collaborative law divorce in the hopes of a less painful and more cost effective ordeal. Whether this type of divorce is the right choice tends to be very personality driven and depends heavily on the details of each specific situation. Collaborative law divorce… READ MORE

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Deciding whether to divorce is a difficult decision for any couple. Divorce impacts every aspect of each party’s lives, one of the most stressful components being the financial well-being of everyone involved. Being proactive and properly educated can greatly impact the financial outcome of divorce.  For people considering dissolving their marriage, having a strong understanding of the following elements is… READ MORE

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While estate planning is not the most fun topic to deal with, it remains one of the most important things business owners can do. If a business owner has children or business partners, or both, it is vital. Having an estate plan in place protects your loved ones, employees, partners, customers or clients, and can ensure your legacy lives on… READ MORE

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Petroni Law Group Helps Soles4Souls Combat Poverty One Pair of Donated Shoes at a Time Petroni Law Group spearheads end-of-summer shoe donation drive for Soles4Souls to help people in need.   Petroni Law Group is hosting a shoe donation drive for Soles4Souls, a nonprofit global social enterprise committed to fighting poverty through the collection and distribution of shoes and clothing. New… READ MORE

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It is not uncommon for couples to avoid the divorce process. For obvious reasons, it is not an experience most would opt for. The result is that some couples decide to separate for the time being. When they decide their marriage is over they simply separate physically, not legally, and leave the marriage in tact. What some people don’t realize… READ MORE

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Estate planning attorneys learned an important lesson in the 2001 case, Egelhoff vs. Egelhoff, 532 U.S. 141 (2001).   A man designated his wife as his beneficiary of his pension plan, provided by his employer, and made her the beneficiary of his life insurance policy provided by his employer. The couple later divorced and the man did not immediately remove her… READ MORE