30 years of experience in divorce law, probate, business and
real estate matters allow for our firm to process your case thoughtfully and
efficiently with an unobstructed view of all aspects of the case.

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Family Law

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Our goal with each and every client is to provide an unobstructed view of all aspects of a case aiding in informed decision-making and a clear understanding of possible outcomes. We have more than 30 years of experience in divorce law, probate, business, bankruptcy, custody, and real estate matters. This experience allows our firm to assist you with your family law needs as life and situations evolve.

Our role is to aid our clients in creating a foundation that will support their life and business goals, whether that involves Buy Sell Agreements, the establishment of trusts, or planning for the transfer of assets. We create the groundwork to help our clients adapt as the world does.

Life offers unavoidable times of distress. These times can be centered around the death of a loved one, a divorce or any number of occurrences. The only thing worse than experiencing one of these events is experiencing one without proper planning. Conflict and stress are inevitable.

Our goal is to prepare our clients for life’s challenges. Should the worst occur without a plan in place, Gloria M. Petroni has the experience to navigate complex situations. Her extensive experience with real estate transactions, trusts, wills and business entities, allows her to represent clients effectively, often without research or outside advisors. In the event an outside consultant is necessary, such as for a business valuation, our firm associates are the most experienced advisors available. The firm offers state of the art technology and trained staff to deliver results on time and at a reasonable cost.

Above all, Petroni Law Group offers straight answers to your questions in terms that you can understand. We give clear options as to how to handle your divorce, guardianship, probate or trust administration issues, or better yet, prepare you for life’s changes.

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The first step is an initial consultation. Get your questions answered and develop a plan that allows you to move forward. The meeting usually takes about an hour and you willll leave with an action plan for achieving your outcome.

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We can meet in our offices or by phone or video conference.

Reno Divorce Lawyer

Representing Yourself
in a Family Law Action

Self-Representation in a Dissolution of Marriage:
Should You or Shouldn't You?

There is nothing stopping you from representing yourself in a divorce or other family matter, but generally speaking, it is a good idea to seek legal representation. The benefits of hiring an attorney can outweigh any financial burden it may cause you at first.

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Family Law

Family law consists of the discipline that deals with family-related matters and domestic relations.
These cases usually involve parties who are related by blood or marriage, but family law can impact
those in more distant or casual associations as well.

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Why Choose Us?

With more than 30 years of experience in divorce law, probate, estate planning, business and real estate matters, our firm processes your case thoughtfully and efficiently offering an unobstructed view of all aspects of the case.



We promptly respond to your phone calls, or emails. We provide guidance and counsel throughout your case.

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You are provided information as to the law applicable to your case. You see and approve documents prior to their being filed.

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We are experienced and have deep skill sets in multiple areas of the law such as real estate, business, trusts, estates, judgments, and bankruptcy.

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Strategic Results

We discuss goals and the means to affect your goals; and execute towards your goals. We do not give you unreasonable expectations.

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Our firm is not only respected for its integrity, and hard work, but also for the firm’s excellence in negotiations and a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom.

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We understand how difficult the process is that you are going through, and we are here to help you through.

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Not only is our firm prepared to meet deadlines, but you will be prepared for any negotiations or court testimony, if necessary.

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Gloria M. Petroni is a Certified Family Law Specialist certified by the Nevada State Bar.

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Loyalty & Confidentiality

Anything that you speak to us about will be held in the strictest confidence, unless you direct us to make a disclosure.

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No Surprises

With our firm’s experience of over thirty years in family law, you will not get a result that was an unexpected loss for you.

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